Welcome to Kavya Sourcing

Welcome to Kavya Sourcing ISO 9001:2015 Certified consulting company, provider of excellent outsourcing and management consulting services. We provides our customers with services required to keep the business operating as efficiently and as cost effectively as possible, so all that the customers need to concentrate on, is their core business.

Our skills and expertise cover a wide range of consulting activities and initiatives. The programs we design are developed to meet specific organizational needs. We are committed to helping organizations increase their productivity, and enable companies to achieve real competitive advantages.

Kavya Sourcing is a global IT, IT Enabled and LPO Service Company which provides comprehensive services and solutions to organization and associations of varying sizes. Our business solutions include: systems integration and implementation, website development & maintenance, staffing service and document management. Founded in 2007 Kavya Sourcing provides an international client base with document management and staffing service. We are committed to each client’s specific and individual needs. We take pride in our incredible high-level of service and professionalism. We are global and innovative leader in the area of outsourcing technologies. Our team is constantly exploring new ideas and developing successful cutting-edge products and services for our clients. Our offices are conveniently located in United States and India. Our service is dedicated to outperforming the competition by making ourselves available 24×7.

Our team works effectively providing our customers with around the clock service. An account representative will always be available to assist you. Our highly educated team will help you to achieve a new level of performance. We hire professionals as per the needs of project that are relevant to their expertise. We spare no cost to bring you reliability and professionalism. Our commitment to deliver unmatched support using the best technology, structure, pricing.

Kavya Sourcing provides its customers with services and solutions required to keep their business operating as cost effectively and efficiently as possible so that our clients can concentrate on their core business.

Kavya Sourcing delivers unmatched business value to customers through a combination of around the clock service, process excellence and cutting edge innovation.

Principles of operation

  • We give commitment to a service that at all times
  • Develops and empowers individuals, teams and organizations
  • Provides on-going support and advice
  • Develops programs, processes and systems that “fit” organizations and meet their needs
  • Provides and emphasis on practical skill development based on proven management theory
  • Is committed to professionalism and excellence
  • Provides clients with value for each expense invested.